Two reasons really. In the sixties and before furniture was made to last. The consumer demanded it and were
willing to pay a little more for something that would last a lifetime. Manufactures competed with each other for
quality and put effort, time and craftsmanship into every piece they made. And I can tell you from personal
experience quality control was strict.

In todays manufacturing environment I’m not sure if quality control even exists. Todays furniture industry
competes only for price and the quality suffers. Instead of figuring out ways to make their furniture better they are
looking for ways to make it cheaper. At the same time, in this throw away society, consumers attitude has done a
180 and their main concern is a “good deal.” They have no qualms about tossing a sofa that is only 6 years old
when they can go to Ashley and buy a new one, on credit, for $600. And manufactures are more than happy to

There are still a few manufacturers of fine furniture, Their prices are double and sometimes triple of the discount
stores like Rooms To Go.

To learn how quality upholstered furniture is made check out this video. They don't make furniture like this in
Why Do Todays Manufactured Sofas Tend To Be Made With Less Quality?
Wabi-sabi---the art of finding beauty in things humble, imperfect and aged
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