If you are the type that likes to replace your sofa every 3 or 4 years the expense of 8-way tied springs
may not be worth it. But if you want a spring system that will last 20 years or more 8-way is the way to go.
There was a time, back when furniture was built to last, 8-way hand tied springs were the norm. Now
days not so much.

Tying coil springs is an art. Its strenuous and very labor intensive. That's why it is so expensive. But for
the added cost you're getting a foundation that will support you and is very comfortable.

8-way hand tied springs are a system of coil springs, usually 9 per seating area but I have seen as many
as 16. The springs are tied together with a special twine made just for this purpose. Each spring is tied
vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. When it's done each spring is tied with 8 knots. And if done
correctly each spring is compressed to give the needed support. The twine is then fastened to the
furniture frame. The system is tied in such a way that each spring helps to support the spring next to it.
They are also tied to give a flat surface for the cushions to sit upon. The interesting thing is when you are
sitting on one side of a sofa the springs on the opposite side helps to support the springs you are sitting

Benefits of 8-way hand tied springs;

  • Premium quality, durability and comfort.
  • Less pressure on the frame reduces frame bow or warp.
  • Prevents sag. Lasts longer than other support systems.
  • Coil springs generally last a life time. And when its time to reupholster your sofa a qualified
    craftsman can retie them time and time again.
  • 8-way hand tied springs will support even the heaviest of your visitors.

Lesser quality options;

  • Zig zag or Sinuous springs are the most common. These were created with production in mind. But
    I have repaired many broken springs and the clips that hold them in place. These springs rely on the
    frame to hold them in place and after several years will warp the frame and give the spring a
    "mushy" feeling.
  • Rubber webbing or Pirelli webbing will start to stretch as soon as it leaves the showroom floor. It
    will last about 10 years before it starts to dry out and get uncomfortably saggy.
  • I've seen many other types of support systems including a girdle type material that is stretched over
    the entire frame. This is junk and cannot by repaired.

The problem with buying new furniture is you cannot see whats under the fabric. And misinformed
salesmen will tell you whatever you want to hear. A sofa may feel fine in the showroom but not so much
once you get it home.

If you are looking for long lasting comfortable furniture I would suggest to avoid the discount stores. A lot
of furniture coming out of China have no springs at all. Instead buy from a reputable furniture store who
has been in business for many years. Do your home work and find out who the quality manufacturers are.

Or better yet scour the thrift stores to find a mid-century or vintage piece of furniture and have a local
craftsman retie the springs and recover in an upholstery weight fabric.

And how can you tell if a piece is 8-way hand tied? Generally you can feel under the sofa. Feel the black
dust cover, if it feels hollow inside chances are it's not 8-way tied. But if it feels firm, like webbing, it's
probably what your looking for.
This chair and settee are close to 100 years old and the springs had never been retied
These springs were a real rats nest
We stripped all of the springs out of it
All new webbing and springs attached
Burlap applied over the springs
What Are The Advantages of 8-Way Hand Tied Springs?
8-way hand tied
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